Big Apple Film Festival Emerging NY Actor - Aaron Stanford

Oxford International Film Festival Special Jury Award Emerging Filmmaker - Joe Leonard

St. Louis International Film Festival New Filmmakers Forum Finalist

Dances With Films Grand Jury Award Honorable Mention

Red Rock Film Festival Grand Jury Award Best Narrative Fiction Feature, Best Director Joe Leonard

Canada International Film Festival Best Narrative Feature

Acefest NYC Best Feature Film

Moondance International Film Festival Best Narrative Feature

Columbus International Film Festival Best Narrative Feature

FirstGlance Philadelphia Film Festival Best Director Joe Leonard

Big Easy Film Festival Best Drama Feature, Best Screenplay

St. Louis Filmmakers' Showcase Best Narrative Feature by St Louis Film Critics Association

NYU Richard Vague Production Grant


"How I Got Lost begins with hip New York 20-somethings, sexy and stubbly in their rumpled suits, awash in ennui. They are drunken and sad and look as much like hell as possible while remaining fuckably urbane. They are burnt out. You worry for a moment that you're about to see a movie about the bullshit worries of bullshit young people of means. But How I Got Lost is better than that. This is a film about the way life tends to rip people out of their poses, and the hip young people of How I Got Lost spend the whole movie getting ripped out of theirs."
-- Palm Beach New Times

"Writer-director Joe Leonard aspires to make a generational statement about the young Gothamites whose dreams and illusions were dashed in the wake of 9/11. As nicely enacted by Fishel and Stanford, the relationship between the two characters has a core integrity... The visually polished pic achieves the desired contrast between the hustle-and-bustle of New York and the characters' countryside idyll."
-- Variety

"Leonard puts a unique, admirably understated spin on material that could easily descend into cliche or worse. How I Got Lost's subtle sound design, surprisingly spare dialogue and game cast (Nicole Vicius and Mad Men's Rosemarie DeWitt co-star) give Leonard's graceful, affecting tale an intimate quality that could only spring from personal experience."
-- Cincinnati Citybeat

"Though the falling Twin Towers initiate the action in Joe Leonard's new film, How I Got Lost, it's not quite accurate to call it a 9/11 film; it's more of a Northeastern blackout of 2003 film, and the resolution is brilliant."
-- St. Louis Magazine

Writer/Director Joe Leonard
A Message From The Filmmaker

On September 11, 2001, I was in the East Village. I remember the call from my mom. I remember finding my friends. I remember shutting off the power on my camera because the people walking uptown were looking past me into nothing. I remember that fall very well. Coffee and alcohol never tasted so important. On August 14, 2003, when the lights went out, I was still there. That night there was a bonfire in Tompkins Square Park - people dancing, singing, taking off their clothes. And we started over, all of us. The next day it was a different New York City, and I was different too.

So why buy this movie?

Well, outside of the fact that it has won awards at festivals all over the country, and features terrific performances by Aaron Stanford, Jacob Fishel and Rosemarie DeWitt, and a soundtrack by the amazing Kaki King that you will love -- this is the kind of movie that won't get made anymore if people like you don't support it. We made this film outside of the studio system because we believe that there is still an audience for independent films that are honest and real. We set out to make the kind of movie that we wanted to see. And our goal is to keep making interesting movies that don't follow the formula. We believe in shooting things the right way with the right talented folks, and allowing the material to point the way. Maybe that's crazy, but it is something we believe in fanatically. You have to if you're going to survive making a feature film.

Today independent film needs your support to survive and thrive.

For the people in St. Louis and New York who made it all possible, we've loaded the disc with special features and commentary detailing the amazing experience of making this movie.

For Kaki King fans, we've included a free download of her incredible film score with purchase of the DVD. 21 original tracks, available only through this website. You'll also find some other featured music from the film that we think you will love.

For filmmakers, we've included a bonus gift -- a .pdf of everything we learned along the way. It's everything they should teach you at film school, but don't. We can't wait to see the movies you'll make.

I'll leave you with a little story that sums up our experience making this film. After we wrapped, myself and cinematographer Chris Chambers were driving through Illinois shooting highways surrounded by fields, sunrises and wheat passing by until we were nearly arrested by a State Trooper. Apparently we were driving 20 MPH on a 60MPH state road. My explanation to the trooper was that I had been looking at the sky.

"Lookin' at the sky? Lookin' at the SKY?" He stomped his feet and shook his head, and wrote me a ticket for being an insane filmmaker. I guess sometimes you have to get lost to figure out where you're going.

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